#Make your relation clear and simple <3

This goes out to all the girls that often wait too long ( most of the time untill its too late ) :

Girl , stop waiting too long cause “He” might have other girls ( #just-friends ) around him that are also waiting …

Also , please stop getting upset when He finaly deside that “She” is the one “He” truly love ( and need ) in “His” Life … learn to chose at the right time ! ( when you still got the actual choice ! )

And last but not least : Quite pretending you just want to be friend if you love “Him”, and learn to say honestly when you just want to make love !

Believe in your self !!!

Hope that will help some of you out there cause life’s too short to let go the one you truly need ( guys & gilrs )

#Make your relation clear and simple <3

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